Bundle : 505 Massive 4.5 + Vintrochrome™ CS + VintroGram™ + IRFX

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The Most Complete Set of All Product = 1146 Lightroom Presets

 Creative Profile-Based Presets! (Profiles Amount Slider)


All these presets crafted with a unique and varied color combination bring an outstanding result to your photo. It comes in 15 different categories. It brings so many atmospheres, a vintage, retro, matte, clear, dramatic, faded look and etc. Mostly, 505 Massive Presets suitable in Portraiture Photography like Fashion & Model.

VINTROCHROME™ CS | Complete Set : 

A Complete Set of VINTROCHROME™ version from version V.1.0-Classic Nostalgic (120 Presets), V.2.0-Romance Essence (80 Presets), V.3.0-Vintage Voyage (60 Presets), V.4.0-Street Happen (60 Presets), V.5.0-Film Emulation (36 Presets), V.6.0-VintroScape (75 Presets). V.7.0-Noir Essence (80 Presets). There are a total of 541 Lightroom presets in this package.


These preset specially designed for Instagram enthusiasts, blogger,s and social media influencers who want to leverage and boost their social media portfolio with a strong character and color idealism.

These mobile and desktop lightroom presets mostly give yellow, gold, caramel brown, orange, teal, blue red pink, and color saturation looks. It is very versatile, you can use it for traveling-wanderlust-vacation theme, beach-tropical theme, food theme, fashion-ootd theme, mood portraiture theme, still life-minimalism-flatlay theme and etc.

There are 30 Color Mobile Lr presets and 30 main color comes with Curve variation for desktop Lr Presets ( 30x2 ) you can choose. There is a tutorial inside the package on how to install mobile lightroom presets, with NO MORE “copy setting paste setting” just one-click presets.

IR FX | InfraRed FauX

Being Inspired by the mesmerizing color of Infrared Kodak Aerochrome, this IR FX brings the color of Infrared Faux Color. This is a digital infrared filter that you can use to achieve an Infrared Aerochrome color look in an easy way.

There are multiple colors of infrared: red, pink, purple, magenta, orange, yellow, etc, the color so vibes and is strong, and you can adjust easily on the color profile slider.

The skin tone is safe and there are a normal skin tone and an infrared skin tone you can choose. Compatible for desktop and mobile (paid/free) lightroom. Get ready to enter the surreal realm of photography.

  • 40 Presets + 40 Profile ( *.xmp )

New Update: Creative Profile-Based Presets!
Total 1146 Lightroom Presets Ready to Use

  • For Lightroom CC Classic 7.3 / latest  + Adobe Camera Raw 10.3+ 

  • For Lightroom CC / Mobile ( Paid / Free )

  • Still Compatible for Lr4/ Lr 5/ Lr 6/ Lr CC Classic 7.2 ( *.lrtemplate )

  • Best For RAW & JPEG – Mac & Windows Compatible

  • All Sales Are Final No Refund

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1146 Lightroom Presets

1136 Profiles-Based
1106 Presets-Based
30 Mobile Presets
1106 Classic Presets


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Bundle : 505 Massive 4.5 + Vintrochrome™ CS + VintroGram™ + IRFX

1 rating
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